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فرز حسب السعر
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    Hair dryer with ceramic and ions + Dry hair comb Original price was: 590.00 د.إ.Current price is: 560.00 د.إ.

    📢 Eid offers…don’t miss it! 📢

    Your radiance on all occasions!
    We offer you the most amazing packages for Eid

    Ceramic and ion hair dryer + Hair dry comb
    — for only 560 AED!

  • Hair straightener + Drying comb Original price was: 620.00 د.إ.Current price is: 590.00 د.إ.

    📢  Your summer is better with us  📢

    Your radiance on all occasions!
    We offer you the most amazing summer packages

    Hair straightener + hair dryer comb
    — for only 570 AED!

  • The best hairdryer and hair comb with hot air from MERAK MR-2 290.00 د.إ

    Impressive results for beautiful and elegant hair. The distinctive hair dryer from the MERAK brand, so you can enjoy many hairstyles that reflect your beauty and personality.

    • Unique product
    • High quality and neat packaging
    • Powerful power system, provides you with the appropriate temperature and heating speed, which greatly saves your time.
    • Warranty: Two years for the product and attached parts.
    • Included with the device: (2) brushes and gloves.

    * Limited quantity
    * The product is exclusive to MERAK Mirak

    389 in stock

  • Two pieces – hairdryer and comb Original price was: 580.00 د.إ.Current price is: 560.00 د.إ.

    📢  Your Eid is more beautiful.. Offers for a limited time  📢

    Your radiance on all occasions!

    Two pieces – hair dryer comb
    – price: 550 dirhams.

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